"DragonLoop" is the first installment in the series.

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Gorgeous pixel art and animation

Time loop, the game has a unique way of time, gradually understand the truth of the world in the repeated loop.

Ouro ability! This skill is uniquely designed. Walk through walls, teleport, block, dodge... all with one button!

Time and economy system. Regions change over time, and so do the prices of items!


In five days the world will be destroyed!
Play as Xi, a girl with the power of Ouroboros, and go back to the five days before the destruction of the world time and time again, looking for a way to save the world.
As a player, you can travel through a world with strange time changes and explore it for five days. In reincarnation, use the acquired information and abilities to unlock new areas and defeat new enemies. You can also go back in time and try to understand the missed truth.


Tree Country, Snow Mountain Castle, Sky Island... across different areas with obvious differences, and fight with enemies with different looks! The picture is hand-painted, and the enemies are drawn frame by frame.


Xiao Ruan
Ein Lee


She pitched the concept for DragonLoop and dreamed up the world and its characters with the sole intent of putting them in cool outfits and dramatic situations, before spending the next many years designing everything from portraits and sprites to backgrounds and monsters.

This is Xiao Ruan, creator of the DragonLoop. The story of "DragonLoop" takes place in an imaginary elven fantasy world. The hero Xi is a unicorn girl who carries the wishes of dragons and elves on earth, and she adventures around the world to end the war between the dragon sons.

Outside of the project, she has had extensive industry experience as a concept artist and illustrator, and spends her time collecting books while missing the days of early 2000’s Ragnarok Online and Neopets.

Follow on Twitter @Dragonloop_xi


Game Title:
Game Genre:
Action-adventure 2D platformer, Metroidvania
Supported platforms:
Microsoft Windows
Language Support:
English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Japanese / Korean
Japanese voiceover
Number of Players:
Game Rating: